Mrs. Anna Ayliffe (

CELTA & Delta Qualified with approximately 10 years’ experience including 5+ years international tertiary experience. Current Cambridge YLE Examiner; former 'Main Suite' Examiner.

Areas of Interest: Academic Listening; Pronunciation; Developing materials; IELTS

Available August 2019

Work Experience Highlights

Abdullah Gul University (The President's University; Kayseri, Turkey)

Preparatory programme. A high-profile prestigious "third-generation" university. Approximately half of all students are A1 when starting. Credit accumulation system gives students many routes out of the programme. AGU uses a skills-based programme where each skill is given its own time for teaching and assessment. The exit criteria is based on internally created assessments aimed at high B2. I joined the university in August 2013 and we received the first intake of students in September 2013. Free computers are given to or all students, we use a blended learning approach to our instruction. A very tech-heavy university - we aim to use a flipped classroom methodology in the prep. school. The faculties offered at the university are: Business, Engineering (Mechanical; Electrical, Civil), Architecture, Computer Science. The intake is approximately 70% male, 30% female. Kayseri is a very conservative Muslim city - one of the most conservative in Turkey.

Job Title: EAP Teaching Fellow of English Preparatory Studies. (Commenced August 2013 --> present)

Key member and very active contributor of an entirely new skills-based programme.

I prepare A1-B2 level learners working approximately 20 contact-hours a week.

Teach and test primarily Speaking and Listening courses.

Actively participate in creating the Listening and Speaking courses, adapting and creating new materials.

Developed a two-part elective course (52 hours in total) on Pronunciation.

Led a workshop on how to incorporate work on pronunciation when teaching listening and speaking skills.

Very confident using technology and LMSs such as Schoology with add ins such as TurnItIn.

Responsible for the test assembly of Listening midterms and finals.

Highly organised and punctual

Eastern International University (Near Saigon, Vietnam)

Job Title: Teaching Fellows of English Preparatory Studies. (Commenced Oct. 2012 – August 2013. Duration: 11 months)

I taught approximately 400 teaching hours as of July 2013.

Generally, I prepared B1 level learners studying on a Nursing, Engineering or Business programme working a 20 contact-hour week, co-teaching with a colleague.

I used input from the Delta course to provide high-quality lessons to my learners.

Reason for leaving: Going to AGU, Turkey.

International House (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Job Title: English Teacher. (Commenced Sept. 2009 – August 2012. Duration: 3 years)

Approximately 1800 teaching hours taught.

Taught General English (Elementary-Advanced) and English for Academic Purposes (IELTS, TOEFL)

Worked with teenagers and adults in groups and 1-to-1 (approximately 36 actual hours per week).

Taught a syllabus for teenagers based around KET, PET and FCE as the school also functioned as a Cambridge ESOL exam centre.

Good at using technology in classes, in particular an interactive whiteboard.

Led teacher workshop days and given presentations on phonology and freer speaking activities.

Reason for leaving: Going to EIU, Vietnam.

Tomsk Polytechnic University (Tomsk, Russia)

Job Title: Teacher of Professional English at the Physical-Technical Department (Commenced Jan. 2008, completed Aug. 2009)

Worked on a study aid “English for Nuclear Physics Studies” recommended for publishing by the Editorial Board of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Job Title: Teacher of Simultaneous Interpretation (English) (Commenced Feb. 2008, completed Dec. 2008)

Reason for leaving: Going to Astana, Kazakhstan.

Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk, Russia)

Job Title: Interpreter and Translator at Siberian State Medical University (Commenced Nov. 2007, completed Aug. 2009)

Reason for leaving: Going to Astana, Kazakhstan.

Education Summary

2013: Cambridge ESOL Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

FCE Examiner Training

2012: ITI, (Istanbul, Turkey)

Pass in Delta Module 2. Taught; not online or distance.

2012: International House, (Wroclaw, Poland)

Pass in Delta Module 3.

2012: British Council, (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Pass in Delta Module 1.

2011: International House Online Teacher Training

Certificate of Advanced Methodology.

2010: International House, (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Pass B in CELTA. Taught; not online or distance.

2009: International House, (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Pass A in Exam Preparation Teacher Training Course.

2002 - 2007: Tomsk State University (Tomsk, Russia)

Diploma with distinction of Teacher of Foreign Languages and Cultures (Major – English; Second - German).

Specialist for Philological Coverage of Public Relations.

Courses of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (English).

German at the Regional Centre of German Language and Culture (B2).

Additional Skills

Languages: Native speaker Russian (C2), Fluent (British) English (C1+), Elementary German, Elementary Turkish.

Interests: I enjoy yoga, cooking, listening to music, and travelling.

Sick days: A total of approximately 2 sick days in the last 5 years of work (excluding maternity leave)

Passport: Russian. Expires 2025. Approximately 25 blank pages.

References: References can be arranged on request.


#1: Mr Daryl York. Director of Studies @ Abdullah Gul University. + 90 (352) 224 8800 Ext 7937.

#2: Mr Ray Wiggins. DELTA Tutor and former colleague.